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Apologies for the extremely long delay in updates, but I have added captures of season 3 of Nancy Drew to the gallery as well as episode stills.

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Captures of the last three weeks of  Nancy Drew have been added to the gallery as well as episode 5 production stills.

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Captures of the season two premiere of Nancy Drew as well as stills for the upcoming episodes and promotional photos have been added to the image gallery.

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I have added captures and stills from episodes of Nancy Drew that have aired thus far to the image gallery. Enjoy!

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Below are images of Alex attending Comic Con for Nancy Drew. More images will be added to the gallery when I can get a hold of them but please enjoy the amazing portrait session that he did!

Rex_CConPortsDay1_10338106AH.jpg Rex_CConPortsDay1_10338106BB.jpg 0003.jpg 0004.jpg

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This post will contain all the videos for the Comic Con appearance for Nancy Drew that features Alex in it! Stay tuned tomorrow for a photo post!

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Alex Saxon Online is back and better than ever! This site was originally established back in 2013 but had to close in 2014 due to financial reasons but the site is officially back just in time for Alex’s newest project Nancy Drew which premieres on the CW this fall! Please take a look at our gallery and enjoy what we have to offer thus far on the website. If you have any questions or anything that’s currently not on the site that could be a great addition please use the contact form to get ahold of us!